Trigger Point Injections at Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic

Do certain motions or pressure on certain points on your body seem to set off acute bursts of pain? Do you suffer from unexplained chronic pain and stiffness? You could be one of the many people plagued by knots of tight muscle known as trigger points. Trigger points and joint subluxation often go hand in hand, which is why we offer trigger point injections, or TPI, in conjunction with our other healing techniques here at Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic. 

What Are Trigger Points?

Muscles naturally react to stressful situations by tightening up. Sometimes, however, a tight muscle simply refuses to relax again. A stubborn or recurring muscle spasm can cause all kind of problems, including dystonia. Dystonia is uncontrollable muscle contraction that produces such varied symptoms as involuntary eyelid or neck motions, foot cramps, a shuffling gait, and speech problems. Other issues include neck, back, or headache pain, referred pain, or other unwelcome sensations in the limbs.

Trigger points can sneak up on you in association with longstanding musculoskeletal disorders or imbalances. An off-center posture, for instance, can place your muscles under unnoticed but significant stress. Repetitive motion or muscle overuse, at work or at play, can prime you for muscle spasms and trigger point problems. Chronic syndromes such as fibromyalgia are also notorious for producing trigger points among other debilitating symptoms.

TPI as a Drug-Free Pain Management Tool

Trigger point injections are a powerful method for relieving the dystonia that can cause so many aches and pains. These injections are delivered directly into the muscle spasm. This causes the muscle to relax, easing your neck, back, limb, or headache pain. TPI therapy from our Medical Provider takes only a few minutes per injection. You’ll be encouraged to avoid overworking the treated area for a few days following the procedure.

Why Does a Chiropractic Clinic Offer TPI? 

Chronic musculoskeletal alignment problems can contribute to the development of trigger points. On the flip side, the pain and stiffness you experience from trigger points may affect your stance, gait, or posture, which in turn may worsen your alignment issues in what amounts to a vicious pain cycle. In such cases, the combination of chiropractic care and TPI can treat both your immediate symptoms and their underlying causes at the same time. The muscle relaxation provided by trigger point injections can even help you maintain the results of your chiropractic adjustments for a longer period. Corrective exercises and lifestyle recommendations can help further, giving you a holistic long-term plan for preventing the creation of new trigger points.

Get All the Facts from Our Team at Healthy Habits

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