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For over 15 years, Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic has been helping patients become pain-free, achieve weight targets and enjoy overall wellness. Our clinic has had tremendous success in treating back pain patients, as well as providing successful weight loss to patients looking to achieve total wellness. Achieving and maintaining your ideal weight is both a medical and lifestyle decision. Once you make the commitment, we can help you realize your goals.

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I tried the new Alternative to HCG the Ultra Slim drops . I liked it very much because I was able to intake more food. The new protocol consistent with 700 calories and am able to exercise a little more while being on this protocol. My weight when starting this treatment was 167 pounds and when I finished I weighed in at 150 pounds I drop in Inches and decreased my Fat %. I did not have any problems with the new Ultra Slim and after finishing it, I feel good. I go into the clinic daily still to get my vitamin injection. I am still losing weight and am very happy with my results! Thank you Carmen and Griselda for your help! – Esmeralda Alvarez


  • Bust: Before 41.5 After 39.5
  • Waist: Before 41.5 After 37.5
  • Hips: Before 40 After 38.5
  • BMI: Before 30 After 27.4
  • Fat %: Before 42.2 After 37.6