Understanding Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, also known as PRP therapy, is a revolutionary new procedure that relieves chronic pain by amplifying growth factors your body uses to heal tissue. This cutting-edge treatment is effective in reducing pain in the spine, knee, shoulder, and hip. We often use these injections to treat torn rotator cuffs, chronic plantar fasciitis, arthritis, sprained ankles, tennis elbow, tendonitis, and sprained ligaments. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions from your primary care providers at Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic.

How Does PRP Therapy Help?

Your body’s first response to injured muscles is to deliver platelet cells to the affected area. PRP therapy accelerates the natural healing process by delivering a concentrated dose of platelet cells to the injury sites where they are needed.

How PRP Therapy Works

Our nurse practitioner will draw a small amount of blood, similar to giving blood for lab tests. He then places it in a centrifuge. The sample is spun at high speeds to separate blood platelets from other components. Then our nurse practitioner injects the platelet-rich plasma into the site of injury to stimulate recovery. Because the procedure uses your own blood, there is no risk of infection or transfusion reaction.

Drawing the sample, preparing the plate-rich plasma, injection, and recovery take one to two hours. You spend the entire time in our office. There are no surgical risks, no need to recovery from general anesthesia, no stay in a hospital, no bleeding, no sutures, and no recovery time. Most of our patients return to their jobs or homes immediately after the procedure.

Multiple Therapy Sessions May Be Required

We offer as many as three injections in a six-month period. They need to be at least two or three weeks apart. You may find that you experience considerable relief after the first injection and don’t need to come back right away. PRP therapy relieves pain through healing. It’s normal to notice a steady improvement in pain levels for a few weeks.

One or two additional sessions may be needed to offer the maximum benefits of the therapy. PRP therapy isn’t always enough to cure extensive injuries, but it often prevents the need for invasive procedures.

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