Back Pain

If you are experiencing back pain, you know how completely debilitating it can be. Whether you injured your back in an accident or your pain is the result of strain over several years, there are things you can do. If you’re currently experiencing back pain, try these remedies.

1. Heat and Cold 

Ice packs work to dull the pain signals sent to the brain, while heat can help to relax muscles. Be aware, however, that alternating these therapies in rapid succession is rarely successful. Choose one type of therapy per day for best results. Note that this pain relief is often temporary, and the pain will come back if the root cause hasn’t been addressed.

2. Stretches

While stretching or doing any kind of moving may seem like an impossibility when you’re feeling pain, gentle, controlled stretches are often capable of diminishing and relaxing pain and tension. Stretches may not help you when you are initially injured, but ensuring that your body remains flexible can prevent many types of chronic pain.

3. Chiropractic Care

Often, your back hurts because an accident or strain has caused the muscles to swell. This causes inflammation, which puts pressure on the nerves in your back. These nerves send pain signals to the brain. A chiropractor is able to reduce the inflammation and swelling of these muscles, making it so that the pressure on the nerves is relieved. The pain goes away permanently once the nerves are no longer under pressure.

If you live in the Meridian, ID, area and you’re interested in finally finding relief for your back pain, give our team at Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic a call today. Our chiropractor has years of experience helping people with back pain to live pain-free lives.

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