Back Pain

Back pain is very common, so people often ask the same questions about it. They need to know how to find relief and keep the pain from coming back. At Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic in Meridian, ID, we can help you find answers. Here are some common questions about back pain relief.

What Causes Back Pain? 

Many different things can cause back pain. You might injure your back, straining or spraining muscles. Back pain can also be caused by lifestyle factors like posture or weight problems. Or it can be the result of too much stress since your muscles hold tension that can cause pain. There are many different reasons why you might have back pain. You might immediately know the answer, or you might need help figuring it out.

What Can Provide Fast Back Pain Relief? 

If you want fast back pain relief at home, there are some steps you can take. A hot bath is a great way to loosen up tense muscles and soothe away the pain. If you have a deep enough bathtub, it’s a very effective method. However, a heating pad can provide the same benefits. If your back feels sore and cramped, stretching out the muscles can help relieve pain as well. And, while movement is important, so is rest. If your back hurts, don’t be afraid to lie down and take a break.

What Can I Do for Long-Term Pain Relief?

If you have chronic back pain, there are things you can do to improve your situation. If you are overweight, consider healthily losing some weight. This can relieve pressure on your back, eliminating a cause of pain. You should also make sure you have a good exercise routine to keep your body strong. Regular exercise and sleep can make a big difference when you deal with back pain.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

A chiropractor can provide more back pain relief. If the problem has to do with your spine, a spinal alignment can provide immediate relief from pain. Your chiropractor also has techniques like massage or physical therapy that they can offer. And finally, lifestyle coaching from your chiropractor’s office can teach you the best habits to apply in your everyday life to prevent pain from returning.

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If you’re dealing with back pain, Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic in Meridian, ID, is here to help. Look over these common questions about back pain relief. Then, if you need chiropractic care, give us a call at (208) 887-4872 and make an appointment.

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